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Cavalcade of Comments

Peter and Adam look through their favorite comments of the past week.

8 GREAT Herbie Hancock Moments

In honor of the jazz legend's birthday, Peter and Adam list some of their favorite moments from his storied career.

Carousel of Comments - Hater Edition

It's "Mean Tweets" YHI edition as Peter and Adam look at some of the less-than-loving comments they've gotten recently.

7 Classic Intros

First impressions are everything - Peter and Adam list their favorite openings to seven different tunes

Back on the Carousel of Comments 🎠

Peter and Adam are back on the carousel, highlight their favorite (and not so favorite) recent comments. All aboard!

How Bad Is the Real Book, Actually?

Carousel of Comments

Peter and Adam highlight their favorite recent comments

The 7 Greatest Jazz Solos*

*For you to learn today

The Most Important Job of a Rhythm Section

A rhythm section has many roles to play in an ensemble. Peter and Adam nail down what the most important element for a good rhythm section is.

Gen X Pianists React to 2021 Jazz

Peter and Adam expand their jazz sonic palette and check out some new releases.

7 Levels of V7 Chords

Peter and Adam take a deep-dive into one of the most commonly played chords in jazz tunes: the five-seven chord.

Peter's Six Segments of Practice

It's one of Peter and Adam's favorite things to talk about on the show, and today, we dive into what a typical Peter Martin practice session is like.

Remembering Chick Corea

The jazz world (and the music world as a whole) lost one of its most cherished artists last week: Chick Corea. Peter and Adam pay tribute to his iconic music.

Who's the Next Oscar Peterson?

Peter and Adam try to pin down which pianist from this generation matches the skill and feel of Oscar Peterson.

Rorschach Melodies

We dive deep into the musical psyche of Peter as Adam tests out a melodic experiment on him.

Critiquing the Music of the Inauguration

Peter and Adam pick apart the various performances from the 2021 United States Presidential Inauguration, and discuss what they liked and didn't like.

Unicorn Pockets

Peter and Adam discuss some of the best rhythm players of all time and the "pockets" they helped define during their career.

Things I Wish I Were Told

It's a special edition of You'll Hear It today as Open Studio bass guru Bob DeBoo and jazz bass master Reuben Rogers discuss some tips they wish they were told when first starting out.

What Makes This Track Great?

Peter and Adam break down what exactly makes a tune sound so amazing. Today, from Stan Getz and J.J. Johnson at the Opera House, it's "Billie's Bounce."

The Evolution of an Artist

Season 8 kicks off with Peter and Adam analyzing the start, middle, and end of the careers of three jazz trumpet legends: Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, and Roy Hargrove.

5 Dope Tracks for This Weekend

Peter comes at you with a solo episode today as he shows you some tunes worth checking out.

From the Vault: 7 Ways To Practice Scales Creatively

Today, we dust off an old episode from the archives - all the way back from February 3, 2018 (just the fourth episode of the show!), here's an episode where Peter and Adam discuss some ways to spice up scale practice.

From the Vault: 7 Ways To End a Tune

We dust off an old episode from the archives - all the way back from June 29, 2018, here's an episode where Peter and Adam go over some effective ways to end a tune.

Tips for Making Solo Arrangements

Peter and Adam discuss making solo arrangements on tunes where the melody notes don't fit the chords.

Fitness & Diet Check-In

Peter and Adam discuss their latest fitness practices and how it improves their jazz playing.

Jazz Musicians Play the Blues

Peter and Adam take a question on jazz albums where the musicians really play the blues.

Staying Inspired at an Advanced Level

Peter and Adam take a question on what advanced players practice, or if they feel inspired at all.

From the Vault: 7 Great Standards You Don't Know

Today, we dust off an old episode from the archives - all the way back from May 18, 2018, here's an episode where Peter and Adam discuss some standards you might not be familiar with.

Playing for the Audience (And Not Yourself)

Peter and Adam talk about why it's important to play for the audience, as well as whether new tunes can become standards.

What Do You Do When Things Don't Go Your Way?

Today, Peter and Adam talk about rolling with the changes whenever things go wrong.

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